The team of SEO consultants at Tudor Lodge Consultants is delighted to announce that we will now be working wit one of the principal development finance partners in England and Wales, Magnet Capital. Following on from our our success in the property lending sector that we have already had with Bridging Loan Hub, we are looking forward to partnering with the Magnet Capital team and continuing to build our expertise and knowledge in the field, whilst helping to improve Magnet Capital’s online presence through our tried and tested methods.

About Magnet Capital

The development finance team at Magnet Capital take pride in making the loans process with them as quick and efficient as possible, keeping the process to just six stages. The lender makes sure funding is always tailored to each and every project undertaken, understanding that the needs of any development project change on a case-by-case basis.


The Magnet Capital team approached us as it is looking to expand as a firm and wants to increase its online presence, and knows that Tudor Lodge Consultants has developed a strong reputation for excellent SEO results. Making sure that your website is fully optimised has become increasingly important when it comes to Google ranking, and can make a huge impact as to whether your business is a commercial success or not. Here is how we have have helped Magnet Capital to continue thriving in the property development finance sector.

What we are doing for Magnet Capital

As Magnet Capital uses a content management system (CMS) it has helped to efficiently facilitate the SEO strategies and updates that our team needed to implement in order to optimise the website. This is because using a CMS makes changes far more straightforward and faster to implement.

Site clean-up – in terms of our SEO approach, we tackle optimisation in a number of different ways. For example, making sure that a site like Magnet Capital’s is fully optimised from a technical perspective is something we know is key to its Google ranking success. As a result, we have carried out a thorough clean up of the website. This includes making sure that all titles, descriptions, internal links, response codes and image-alt text have all been optimised and fixed. Making sure these are correct enables a smooth indexing of the website by Google.

As our team has a strong level of expertise in a variety of SEO tools including Screaming Frog, SEMrush and AWR, we are able to quickly identify fixes for Magnet Capital. Our knowledge of these key tools within the SEO field also means we can adeptly monitor changes in ranking, and alter our strategy based on them.

Meta-data – meta-data is a small but incredibly important piece of information that is factored into search rankings. A number of titles and descriptions on Magnet Capital’s CMS were unfortunately not properly indexed, which affected their search engine ranking on Google. We have helped to correct this by cleaning up metadata, making sure the information is relevant, removing duplicates on the site, as well as making sure the descriptions were of an adequate length. This remains an ongoing process.

Writing new content – one of the best ways of building an online presence and gaining a good reputation in the property development finance sector is through producing excellent content.

This is important for a number of reasons. Not only do relevant property development guides and content indicate to the browser that Magnet Capital has a considerable level of expertise and knowledge of its sector, making it trustworthy, but it can also help for SEO purposes. Making sure that the content is structured correctly to meet SEO requirements can help to optimise the site. It is possible to do this through carefully considered content topic titles, as well as using the right H titles, such as h2 headings and internal links which provide structure to the site, and are something that Google algorithms particularly like.

Backlinks – another way in which we have been supporting Magnet Capital is through backlinks. With SEO, there is not just one key factor that contributes to a website’s ranking a Google, but a variety of different things that lead to a good ranking, one of which are excellent backlinks. Our team has worked hard to make sure that only reputable and clean websites are linking to Magnet Capital. The effect of this, is that it makes it considerably easier for Google to crawl the site, which in turn improves the firm’s ranking online.

Since Magnet Capital have partnered with us, we have been able to make considerable progress in their search engine optimisation ranking, with the overall results made by our hard-working SEO team anticipated in the next coming months. We have enjoyed the journey so far with Magnet Capital, and we are particularly excited as to the outcome we will see with our client over the course of the year, helping the firm to become more successful than ever.