Adam Simmonds Optician Case Study

Located by the stunning park and architecture that surrounds London’s Primrose Hill, Adam Simmonds is an optometrist like no other. It offers expert eye tests conducted by a wonderful team of specialists, in addition to a superb collection of top quality designer eyewear to choose from, all either at or below the price suggested by the manufacturer.

But who is Adam Simmonds? And what makes this optician stick out from the rest of what London has to offer? Through this piece we will be exploring what makes Adam Simmonds the specialist opticians it is renowned to be, in addition to some of the work Tudor Lodge Consultants have been doing for him.

Who is Adam Simmonds?

Adam Simmonds is an optometrist, passionate about providing his customers with excellent service, expert quality eye care, and top of the range designer eyewear at the best possible prices.

Being a member of the British College of Optometrists and a specialist practitioner in progressive lenses, dry eyes and optometry, Adam Simmonds is the proud owner of Adam Simmonds Optometrists. He studied at London’s The City University in Ophthalmic Optics, and at 26 years old created the renowned Eye-Tech in Soho. Early in the 90s, Adam sold Eye-Tech and took a seven year sabbatical, got involved in the film publishing industry before starting his family; now being married with three teenage daughters.

In 2001, Adam then established his private practice in Primrose Hill, and has been dedicated to the traditional values of excellent service, top-quality products, and personally tailored eye care. A refreshing sight amidst a sea of corporate, mass sales-driven chain stores that the optometry world has seen over the last decade or so.

How is Adam Simmonds Opticians different?

As mentioned previously, Adam Simmonds sticks out from the run-of-the-mill global super stores you see today by sticking to his traditional values of good service, good quality products, and good quality eye care tailored perfectly to each individual customer.

Adam Simmonds is a specialist in not only custom progressive lenses, but also in dry eye disease. His team comprises of sports eyewear specialist Rush Patel, head of the dispensing team with more than 15 years’ worth of experience in both chain store and independent opticians. Immy Moore is another integral part to the Adam Simmonds Optometry team, being the practice administrator and keeping this incredible independent store running with perfect efficiency. In addition to this, Delphine Donnadieu is one of the excellent optometrists at Adam Simmonds, not only offering specialist eye tests but also a great depth of knowledge on all French brands stocked.

Adam Simmonds Optometrists also offer the latest, state of the art equipment, investing a considerable amount in top of the range equipment such as the latest instruments in Dry Eye diagnostics and treatments, an OCT retinal scanner and the Nidek Refraction system. Such investments in these specialist, top-quality instruments help to provide the best quality eye examinations and further eye care to all of Adam Simmonds’s customers.

In addition to all the factors listed above, Adam Simmonds also offers a marvellous selection of the finest quality eyewear, all from independent brands made with the utmost of care and attention to detail.

What does Adam Simmonds opticians offer?

Alongside expert specialist eye care and testing, Adam Simmonds also offers a fantastic selection of independent and top-quality designer eyewear brands. Some of the main brands offered by Adam Simmonds include the following:

  • Garrett Leight
  • Theo
  • Barton Perreira
  • Anne Et Valentin
  • Thierry Lasry
  • Jaques Marie Mage
  • Mykita
  • Kuboraum
  • Lunor
  • Vintage
  • Preciosa
  • Celine

Adam Simmonds Opticians offers designer brands at the best possible prices. All frames in stock at Adam Simmonds are excellent quality designer brands, and are offered either at or below that which is recommended by the manufacturer. View Adam Simmonds’s collection of designer eyewear brands here.

Adam Simmonds has also been claimed as the ‘opticians’s optician’, being one of the rare few Dry Eye specialists in the area. What this means is that the optometrist frequently receives numerous different complicated cases from other opticians, ophthalmologists and doctors who struggle to make the patient happy.

In addition to this, due to the stores independent nature, Adam Simmonds Optometrist can offer all frames and lenses from any and all suppliers possible, focusing on what is most appropriate for the customer rather than abiding by the standard corporate mentality and having to wait for permission from higher authorities. Another great aspect about Adam Simmonds’s independent nature is that the store is a small team with a personal touch, meaning its specialist staff get the chance to get to build a relationship up with its customer, getting to know their personal requirements in great depth and detail. This is considerably more preferable than the standard chain store mentality where customers get a new member of staff every time every time they come in for an appointment.

You can find out more on what Adam Simmonds has to offer and how it stands out from the rest of the opticians out there by clicking this link.

What Work Have We Done for him?

Tudor Lodge have helped to put Adam Simmonds onto the virtual, online map, helping to boost SEO of the optician’s website in order to improve its overall online presence. This has subsequently helped more people to discover this fantastic independent optometrist store.

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