Web Hosting in Hertfordshire

What is Web Hosting?

Secure your website, back up data and limit downtime

Web Hosting is essential for any website in order to store and access all their data and files and avoid any downtime or crashes from too much traffic. We have engineered the perfect web hosting solution using Google servers and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to back up any data.

Our package offers a secure home for your website and we are proud to have recorded an up-time of 99.5%. We also include unlimited email addresses and daily back-ups for your website so you can have peace of mind that data can always be found and restored.

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The Benefits Of Our Hosting

In the UK

Our hosting servers are based in the UK and you will have access to a local UK-based team too. This offers a benefit for SEO because Google likes companies that are hosted in the same country. Having a local team means that any questions are answered quickly and we are only a phone call away.

Improve site speed

Our servers are very fast and they can be upgraded to PowerPlus for even faster performance. When a customer uses a fast website, they are less likely to leave – so this can help with your conversion rates and help your rankings on Google too.

We don’t go down

With a record of 99% uptime, you can have peace of mind that your website will not go down. This should help you maximise sales during busy periods and since you don’t have to worry about your time’s performance, you can focus on your business which is what you do best.

Unlimited emails

We can help you set up numerous email address for you and your company. Even if you are moving from one hosting to another, we can help you move all the emails across with limited or zero downtime. We appreciate that you cannot work without your emails! We also offer unlimited email addresses as part of our promise.

What add-ons are available?

SSL Certificate – For those looking to secure a website, we can add an SSL certificate to make the website https instead of http. This gives extra security by adding a layer of encryption and is recommended to those with E-commerce websites where personal information is being stored and also for those looking to maximise their SEO results.

Plugin Updates – If you have a WordPress website, you will need regular plugin updates to ensure that all the plugins work effectively. We can help you manage this and also monitor the WordPress updates so you are always using the most modern and effective versions of WordPress available.

Different Packages – We can provide different web hosting solutions based on your individual or company requirements – whether you have small or large websites, sensitive data or not, we can help find the right products for you.

How We Compare To Other Hosting

Whilst hosting is available at a monthly fee of £2 or £3 from the likes of GoDaddy, 123 Reg and Tso Host – our hosting services start from £10 a month and are heads and shoulders above. We are different because your website will be hosted locally in the UK and not in Arizona, India or China like other hosting companies you will see on Google.

You will also not be bombarded with spammy phone calls or emails because we do not sell our customer database to other random third parties. By taking our hosting with us, you will receive a secure and safe product that will put you and your website in good hands. With our team based in Elstree, you can be rest assured that we will be able to answer and attend to any questions that you have very quickly indeed.

Who Are Tudor Lodge Consultants?



Daniel founded Tudor Lodge Consultants in 2014 and is involved in every aspect of the business across SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Design and more. He is passionate about hosting because the team have built websites for clients, they are eager to make sure that they have the most safe and secure protection possible.




David is the co-founder of Tudor Lodge Consultants and specialises as an SEO Consultant. He is interested in web hosting because of the role that it plays when improving the SEO for a client. It adds value to be hosted in the same country that your website and business operates in and because it can help speed up your website too.