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Drive Customers To Your Business Through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram

Social media can be a clever and highly effective way to reach your target audience. Whether it is posting on your company social media pages, developing a strategy or running paid ads, we can help you use social media to drive your business.

The use of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram is a great way to retain existing customers and also market to those when they are comfortably browsing their newsfeed – so in effect, it is like advertising to people when they don’t even realise.

A strong social media campaign can lead to high conversion rates and lower acquisition costs than other forms of digital marketing.

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Our 4 Steps to Social Media

Getting to know you

We begin by learning about you and your company. The values you have as a company and your target audience will allow us to determine the ideal social media strategy for you. We look at any previous social media campaigns and how we can emulate or improve on these.

Posts and all

We start the brainstorming process and create content across text, images, gifs, videos, infographics and more that will increase engagement for you and your potential audience.

Age, demographic, devices and locations

We look at what social media channels your target audience are using with Linkedin ideal for B2B and Instagram better used for targeting younger generations. Once confirmed, we can look at concentration on specific demographics such as locations, ages, gender and interests in order to achieve effective results through social media marketing.

Measuring success

Using our tools, we can schedule dedicated posts across several social media channels and test the best times of day to maximise results. Whether organic or paid social media ads, we keep you fully informed throughout the process and provide reporting at the end of each month on cue.

What Our Social Media Consultants Can Do For Your Business

Budgeting – We can sit with you and help you determine the right type of budget across all social media channels. For organic social media, we charge a monthly retainer based on your budget. For paid ads on Facebook and Linkedin, we charge an initial set up fee and then typically take a percentage of your monthly ads spend.

Retargeting – By adding code to your website, we can help you to retarget your customers further via social media channels. We can also set up look-a-like audiences where Facebook can help you find customers based on the characteristics of your existing ones. There is also the option to take a list of your current customers’ email address and use them to target their social media accounts that they use, known as ‘custom audiences.’

Going viral – The dream of any social media campaign is for your idea or post to go viral, in a good way. We can help you put together some interesting ideas that will grab attention and gain momentum from being shared by lots of people.

How we are different

We are a team of consultants and not a standard agency. So we don’t have to wow you with fancy offices or presentations and therefore we don’t need to charge you high fees. Whilst most agencies need you to spend a minimum amount and charge you a fee upfront – this is not how we roll.

As consultants, we will work within the budget that you can afford – not what you have to pay. We will take the time to sit down with you and understand you and therefore you feel like you are more in control, rather than outsourcing it to a company that you never hear from and charges you too much.

In conclusion, we are more personal, affordable and hard working than anyone you will meet – so why not get in touch?

Our Social Media Consultants


Social Media Consultant

Deborah is our very talented social media consultant who has a background in journalism – so she knows how to engage the audience on a different level. She has previously worked with some of the biggest news in media including Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, The Metro, Grazia and Cyber Duck.


Paid Social Media

David has a background in programmatic technology, using display advertising against Google and social media to segment and target customers. Since joining Tudor Lodge Consultants, he specialises in paid adverts on Facebook – using ‘sponsored ads’ to target different audiences for our clients.