Pay-Per-Click Advertising

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising refers to the paid advertisements that appear on search results. Whether is Google, Yahoo or Bing, the paid adverts are usually displayed down the side with a yellow or orange background. This form of advertising is known as Pay-per-click because as an advertiser, you pay the search engine each time someone clicks on your advert. To start displaying adverts, you must sign up for an account (Adwords for Google) and then you can choose all the keywords which you want to advertise for and set a budget to choose how much you want each click to cost you.

PPC advertising works as a live auction where you and other companies will bid for the highest position. Once you set your budget for how much you are willing to spend on a customer’s click, Google will position you accordingly.

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Our 5 Steps to Managing Your PPC

This is where we determine what keywords we should be targeting for your PPC campaign. This is all about understanding your business model and your goals for success. We take into account previous company performance and carry out a thorough competitors analysis to devise a strategy where we can targets hundreds and thousands of relevant keywords.

This refers to looking closely at your budget and how much of your spend we can dedicate to targeting specific keywords and to ensure that this generates a positive return on investment. A sophisticated use of bid management will ensure that you are paying the right amount for the traffic that you generate through PPC and that you are getting the right quality customer. We look at the calculations very carefully and construct forecasts to ensure your PPC campaigns are commercially viable.

Once we have your keywords and bids all set up, we will ensure that all your results are easily measurable. By placing code on your conversion pages will allow us to track results and build forward.

As soon as your PPC campaigns are underway, we will do lots of testing (the fun bit!) Here, we will look very closely at the results of the adverts we have run so far and use A/B testing to optimise your results for things like ad copy, time of day, demographic, devices and more.

With full-testing in transition, we will deliver a fully optimised PPC campaign. Your paid adverts will be receiving higher click-through-rates (CTRs) and better value for your spend. With on-going testing, we will continue to optimize your campaigns to maximise your results.

We will provide regular reports to ensure that you are constantly in control of what you spend and the results you will achieve through paid search.

The Benefits of Using PPC Consultants

More Personal – Rather than working with a large agency and several people in the team, our individual PPC consultants work with you one-on-one and give you the personal attention you deserve. We are passionate about learning your business and by having a better understanding, we feel that we can deliver the best results possible.

No Minimum Spend on Adwords or Bing – It is common for PPC specialists to require a minimum amount for you to spend on Google or Bing each month in order to work with them. At Tudor Lodge, we appreciate that businesses work in cycles – so we have no minimum spend and allow you to change the amount you want to spend each month and even turn off a few weeks if need be too.

Better Value – Whilst agencies will find ways to charge you extra fees in PPC, we offer very reasonable rates including a one-off set up fee of £500 and then 20% of the on-going Adwords spend thereafter. Any on-site content, keyword analysis and ad copy is included in the cost above.

Fully Measurable – The great thing about using Google Adwords and PPC is that it is fully measurable – so you can see clearly how much you have spent every day, week and month and how many impressions, clicks and enquiries this has resulted in.

How Companies can use PPC Consultants Effectively

Using pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a great way to test a new product or website that has just gone live. It allows you to set a budget and drive customers to a website and see the type of response you get.

We are passionate about SEO and using organic search rankings, but what we find is that PPC is a great way to drive traffic in the early stages whilst the SEO is going on in the background. You can also see the response you get for certain keywords and pages and use these towards your SEO campaign.

By the time the SEO has warmed up and you are starting to generate leads through organic search, you can then decide to stop the PPC work you are doing or use them both side-by-side to maximise results.

We are dedicated to helping you increase your exposure on Google and Bing and do so in the most cost-effective way possible.

Who are Tudor Lodge Consultants?


Head of Paid Search

Charles has over 5 years of experience in PPC advertising and has worked on behalf of numerous around London. He is a certified Google Partner meaning that he has access to extra information from Google, including average conversion rates across the industry for certain keywords. He has the best haircut in the organisation.



Daniel founded the company over three years ago and has a good understanding of how PPC and SEO can compliment each other for start up businesses and those looking to scale. With a team of content and design professionals, we can assist to make your PPC campaign the most effective possible in terms of generating a high quality score and conversion rate.