International SEO

What is International SEO?

International SEO allows your business to rank on search engines in different countries. For instance, if you have offices overseas or clients abroad that you are wishing to target, it is important that you appear on the Google results for that specific country.

This process allows you to scale your business effectively and grow into additional markets that you may not have thought were possible. We have experience doing SEO for international clients of all sizes, including loan companies, recruiters and large corporates.

The beauty of the Internet is that you can be running your business from anywhere and even though you are based in London, doesn’t mean that you cannot rank effectively across the US, Asia and Australia too.

Our founders, Daniel and David, are fluent in English, Hebrew, French and Spanish so we can do this content in-house for you and save you the trouble of finding specific native speakers to write the content for you.

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Our International Clients


Our 4 Steps to International SEO

Together, we decide which domain you would like to use to rank in different countries. You have several options and it is up to you to choose what you prefer and what is a best for your company. This includes using top level domains (.es and .fr), subdomains ( or subdirectories (

We decide what pages are going to be targeting your customers abroad and add the Href Lang tag and language parameters (e.g /?lang-fr) so that the pages can be indexed effectively by Google and other competitive search engines.

It is essential that we change the settings on Google Webmaster Tools/Search Console to target the relevant international pages on the website. This can involve adjusting the existing Webmaster Tools account or creating separate ones.

Finally, just in case, we look into your hosting situation because it always helps to be hosted locally to where you want to rank. If this means getting hosting in each individual country, we have to weigh up the costs and benefits accordingly.

What Is Included In Our International SEO Work

Indexing – We review the code effectively to ensure that it can be picked up on the search engines in other countries whether it is Google, Bing or Baidu!

Content – We with some budding linguistics in-house, we can help with creating the content for various languages. If the language is unique or you require a native speaker, we also work with an agency who can assist and typically charge £100 per 1,000 words reviewed.

Reporting – Our reporting tools allows you to measure the impact of our International SEO work effectively, so you will be able to see the results of your keyword rankings on different international search engines on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

How we are Different

Tudor Lodge Consultants was set up specifically to be an alternative to expensive agencies. We saw a gap in the market to provide honest and transparent SEO, at affordable prices. With agencies charging upfront fees, thousands of pounds per month and sometimes outsourcing it – there was space for a team of consultants to come in and give a more personal and effective approach.

We are pleased to offer this solution and have been acknowledged with industry awards. The fact that we have attracted high-profile clients is a credit to our honest approach, dedication and hard work.

Who Are Tudor Lodge Consultants?



Daniel set up Tudor Lodge Consultants three years ago and has experience optimising hundreds of websites, including those overseas. Fluent in 4 languages, he can assist with copywriting and it allows for a smooth transition when it comes to ranking for various key terms abroad.




David has been with the company for over two years and speaks fluent Hebrew too. As a man of the world, he has a good understanding of how to rank for search terms in different countries and specific areas.