May 23, 2017
balaji News

We Exhibited At The Great British Business Show


This week we exhibited at the Great British Business Show at the ExCel Arena. This was the first time that Tudor Lodge Consultants have ever advertised their business in public and spoken in front of a live audience.

David Soffer from Tudor Lodge said:

This was a great opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the UK and indeed the world. We hope it brings out some new and interesting partnerships where we can continue our efforts to bring affordable and high quality SEO to the masses.

Some additional highlights of the event included speaking about how SEO works and our role as SEO consultants compared to an expensive agency. We were delighted with the response from the crowd and look forward to building future relationships.

Further highlights included seeing Heisenberg wondering around the show and talking about SEO opportunities with Vin Diesel after he took time out from making the 38th edition of Fast and The Furious.