Three industries where tech is changing recruitment


In the past, the recruitment process could be difficult to get through for recruiters and jobseekers. Not only could it be flooded with candidates that were not suitably qualified, but recruiters could end up taking a long time to decide on who they wanted for the job, making candidates become frustrated as they were forced to jump through hoop after hoop. 


That’s why there are certain industries that have decided to simplify the recruitment process altogether. They use technology to bring in the right people to the right work. Here are the top three industries that are using technology to help change how they recruit their employees.



1. The healthcare industry


Over the last two years, the healthcare industry has been battered by the pandemic. Not only has the COVID-19 crisis caused major delays when it comes to important surgeries and treatments, but many staff members feel undervalued or pressured past the point of burnout. 

This is why there has been a recruitment push to aid the recovery of the NHS and to make current and future employees feel more supported. 

Take a look at Medimatch, for instance. This popular portal allows nurses and doctors to locate the jobs that suit them best. However, the big difference is in relation to how they find the job. An algorithm is used to help recruiters find the best candidates. This helps reduce the amount of frustration and time that is put into the job hunt.



2. The HR industry


No matter what company an employee works for, it is crucial that there is a strong HR department to protect employees. As it’s important to have the right people in this industry that know all of the rules and regulations of their company, there are some companies that have decided to invest in AI. 

AI stands for artificial intelligence. HR departments use it to increase the amount of processed information, optimise employee workflows and even make different business decisions. This includes recruiting employees! 



3. The marketing industry


Nowadays, marketing does not always need to be a physical thing. Instead, the majority of it can be handled online. Marketing agencies need a wide range of people that can help them monitor their clients’ websites, social media and public image. Therefore, they will need to be recruiting on a regular basis to find the right people for the job. 

Technology has managed to change the world of marketing in many different ways. For instance, technology means that a job seeker can work remotely, rather than in an office. Similarly, applicants can be interviewed using video software and through online tests. 

Indeed, a recruitment website, offers employers the opportunity to test the skill set of their potential employees. However, tests can also be set by the employers themselves in an online environment. If the candidate gets the job, they could even work through a VPN in order to join the marketing team in the latest uploads and scheduling of work. 

There you have it – three sectors of the economy in which tech has helped to turn the recruitment process upside down. This isn’t a vision of a Jetsons-like futuristic landscape that ‘could’ happen in the future – the above developments are all happening right now, connecting employers and candidates more easily than ever.