December 18, 2017
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The Apprentice Final highlights the power of SEO


Sure, I’ve been telling my Gran for years at the Shabbos table that SEO is important. But when watching The Apprentice final last night, it really hit home.

I have always said that there are already people looking for you and your business and being on the top of Google is the difference between them finding you.

In the case of personalised-sweetbox entrepreneur Sarah Lynn, her pitch for a £250,000 investment with Lord Sugar came across professional and composed. The company Sweeteze offers a home delivery of sweets and a personalised message – combining Interflora, Boomf and Graze box.

However, towards the end of the grilling with industry experts, there came the question of her website and how it all veered towards website and SEO.

‘Why is your website so amateurish?’ they asked.

Sarah Lynn: ‘We haven’t found the right partner with the expertise – but we know that people are searching online for sweet gifts, sweets for dads, sweets for mums and we need to get our brand to top of those search results.’

I rest my case.


In the eyes of the public, having a presentable website means a lot. You can be small and have an impressive website – which will make you look bigger and more established.

Similarly, you can have a strong concept like Sarah Lynn but without a presentable website and basic SEO – you can look amateur.

And very simply, YOU NEED TO BE ON GOOGLE!!

Sarah has since rebranded to “Sweets in the City” – a play on “Sex in the City” and the website is strong, clean and presentable. No doubt they will be inundated with requests as viewers with a sweet tooth want to sample the goods.