SEO Checklist For Building A New Website


Below is our checklist for building a new website. You can use various tools including SEMrush, Screaming Frog or even this SEO checker.


Where To Start


  • Add Trust Signals – logos and testimonials.

e.g “Over 15 Years Experience”
“Over 10,000 customers served”

  • Where we have been featured
  • Secure sites e.g McAfee, SSL certificates etc
  • Content above the fold as much as possible
  • Allow room for 1,000 words + if need be
  • Allow room for images and videos
  • Only one h1 heading per page
  • Avoid accordion tabs in the content as Google cannot read it:
Some good examples of content for SEO with one h1 and content above the fold:

  • Check for broken links and crawl errors using Google Webmaster Tools and brokenlinkcheck
  • Create xml sitemap here or using Yoast (WordPress) and submit to Google Webmaster Tools
  • Check your site speed using Google Pagespeed Insights and aim for anything over 70 out of 100 for desktop and mobile.