December 5, 2017
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Genius Ways To Get Low Cost Traffic To Your Website


Our founder, Daniel Tannenbaum, talks through some of the most creative ways to get quality traffic to your website at a very low cost.

Whether you an established brand or a new entry into the market, you have to consider some alternative ways to get visitors to your website and secure their business. Not everyone has a huge budget for PPC, especially in the early stages, and SEO can take several months or years to see results. But with some serious outside the box thinking, we give you some very low cost and clever ways to drive quality traffic to your website.


PPC is expensive and SEO takes a long time, but is there a way to still get your website on page 1 for competitive search terms? The answer is yes.

For products or services that need education such as cyber insurance, income bonds and cryptocurrencies, page 1 is not necessarily dominated by providers and comparison websites. In fact, you are likely to find forums or news articles talking about these highly specific products.

If it is an article you see on Page 1, consider adding some valuable information about your product in the comments section. This is completely free to do and provided that you are adding value, it will be verified by the website and those readers most invested and engaged in the article will probably scroll down and visit your website.

Similarly, if you see that people are talking about your industry or product in a forum, consider asking a valued customer to “name drop” and write about their positive experience with you. This personal, human endorsement can add a lot of trust to the product you are offering and is common on the likes of MoneySavingExpert and Mumsnet Forum.


Wikipedia tends to rank very well on Google because it has built up years of trust and domain authority. For most keywords you type in, Wikipedia usually makes an appearance in the search results and is usually high up the page too. If the product you offer has its own Wikipedia page, consider contributing to this article and including a link to your website.

This is easier said than done, since Wikipedia police the contributions to the site very carefully. However, if you have a vital statistic and are adding genuine value such as changes in interest rates or regulation – this is something that is noteworthy and those researching the page will find your business.


There has been a trend in recent years to follow impartial Facebook Groups for information. Popular groups include The Restaurant Club where people ask for restaurant advice and Top Tips For Mums which has over 36,000 of Mums in London.

People that visit these groups are highly engaged and always looking for new concepts, ideas and inspirations. This is a fantastic vehicle to launch your business and gain feedback and interest from real customers who might be finding your products.

In fact, if you are trying to position yourself in a particular niche industry, you can even set up your own group and invite people you know to join in with the conversation. These participants will then invite more like-minded people and before you know it, you have a Facebook Group of a few thousand people. This was the concept behind the London Startups Facebook Group which was started by a digital agency. Could you do something similar for pet products, insurance or presents?


The use of affiliate networks allows you to receive traffic to your website and only pay commission on a “cost-per-acquisition” basis. The most effective platforms for affiliate marketing include Monetise, Awin and for international websites, admitad.

Most affiliate networks require you to pay a joining free and then their account managers will launch your product on a number of relevant sites targeting potential customers including comparison websites, ecommerce sites and bloggers. This enables you to receive traffic from several sources and you minimise costs by only paying on completion of successful business.


If you are trying to position yourself in an article, you can post regular opinion pieces on Linkedin for free, known as “Linkedin Articles.” The beauty of writing a piece is that everyone you are connected to automatically gets a notification for every new article you write. So if you are engaging people, they are likely to comment and share the article, and this is all for free.

Once you build trust and position yourself as a leader in the industry, you may start to get followers and they will research you and your business, driving traffic to your website in the process.