December 20, 2018
balaji Social Media

Exhibit to fuel your social media


Part of a successful marketing strategy is, without a doubt, participating in exhibits where you can meet potential customers and connect with other professionals in your field. In other words, in order to boost your social media channels, you will need real life networking. Because first impression matters and, contrary to the popular beliefs, a book is judged by its covers most of the time, your best ally in the exhibit will be a professional booklet – the most simple, yet effective way to share information.


If you own a business and you understood that fuelling your social media will increase your sales, you are on the right path. But, nowadays, an online marketing campaign alone is not enough to increase your reach, simply because everyone is already doing this. Therefore, you should add something extra in the equation – another channel that will make you even more visible on the market. Because the online environment is continuously changing, it is a good idea to focus on exhibits, an environment that can help you introduce a trustworthy image and create a solid network. You will be able to interact with people, create a strong bond between you and your potential customers and sell them an image, an identity that will lure them to your social media platforms.


Real life interactions can boost your social media and a strong online community can boost your sales, but only if you appear well-prepared in front of the people. Informative materials are an important part of a successful exhibit and one of the best tools amongst all, that will help you increase the brand awareness, is the booklet. To understand the importance of this tool it’s enough to visualize the marketing channel. The brand awareness is at the top of the channel, while the conversion and sales sit at the bottom. Therefore, you can’t reach your goal if you don’t build a solid brand awareness campaign using the right tools.


A booklet is a versatile marketing tool that can have different shapes and can be used with various purposes. In this case, the purpose of your booklet is to fuel your social media. And because the targeted audience consists of people that you want to bring in your online community, you should emphasize on an informative message rather than using one that boosts sales. Now that you know what kind of message you want to deliver, you can start designing your booklet and channel all your resources – graphics, colours, text – to create a professional tool.


The main purpose of your booklet is to increase the audience on your social media channels, but how do you get people to actually access your accounts? Counting on the fact that they will simply type your business’ name on Facebook or Instagram is not enough, but QR codes come really handy in this matter. Don’t forget that you are using a hard copy to determine people to access electronic content, and a QR code is the best tool you can use for making that happening – the bridge between the printed copy and the online content.

Actually, it is a good idea to add a QR code straight on the booklet’s cover, next to a call to action message. If you choose to keep the QR codes for the inside of your booklet, just make sure the cover will determine people to actually open the booklet and read its contents. You can add a question on the cover and let people know that the answer is inside the booklet. Next, give them brief and interesting information regarding the matter, make them curious and let them discover the details on your social media pages. You can even mention that you provide discounts for your social media followers.


A booklet should be both practical and attractive and if you want to stand out from the crowd, you can consider choosing a special shape, size or paper type. A4 and A5 are considered standard in terms of size, but you have plenty of different options to choose from. The paper type should have an excellent quality, otherwise all the efforts you made in designing your booklet will be in vain. Plus, it’s all about building brand awareness and making it interesting for your audience, so all the details should be taken into account. You also have to think about the binding and paper weight. While these details may seem overwhelming, you can simply use an online booklet printing service, where you get to choose all the specifications in one-click. Next, your booklets are printed using professional printers and delivered straight to your door.

Just keep in mind that, when done in the proper way, booklet printing projects are the ideal advertising solution for your product, service and even social media accounts. In a world where we all started to be annoyed by intrusive pop-up ads and e-mails, this traditional method might do the trick in helping you fuel your social media!