Daniel Tannenbaum celebrates two years at Tudor Lodge Consultants


We are pleased to announce that our head of SEO, Daniel Tannenbaum, is celebrating his two years with the company today!

Daniel joined the company as a fresh-faced and ambitious digital marketer, and has since growth a successful client base whilst dealing with the high stakes and volatility of SEO (search engine optimisation).

Over the two years, the company has attracted high profile clients including:

  1. Be Wiser (FastTrack 100)
  2. Groupon (FastTrack 100)
  3. Xexec (FastTrack 100)
  4. Regentsmead (number 1 development finance lender in the UK)
  5. MT Finance (number 1 bridging lender in the UK)
  6. ABC Estates

Upon reaching this milestone, Daniel explained: “Working with TLC has been a pleasure. It feels like I’ve working from home this entire time. The people are great and I’ve really taken advantage of the free parking space and relaxed dress code.’


‘The hardest part is sometimes selling SEO altogether – the vast majority of people don’t know how it works. They may have also used shady companies in the past and lost out big time. So changing perceptions about SEO and explaining that it is a more methodical and scientific process is the message we are trying to convey.’

‘Another issue is the time-lag as companies expect instant results and believe they should all be number 1 on Google (quite similar to football fans and the Premier League!) But good SEO takes time and can even take between 6 and 12 months to see the return, and also a large commitment from companies to make constant changes to their content and website.’


Tudor Lodge Consultants got a huge boost with the addition of David Soffer last year, who previously worked in the marketing team for BBC Radio One. The coffee-addict and Golders Green native, has allowed the company to expand and meet the increasing demand for new work in Search Engine Optimisation.


Over time, TLC has made new partnerships with other web design agencies and digital marketers, allowing them to expand their business proposition. As Daniel explains “It’s not just SEO we offer any more, when someone comes to us, we can also put them in touch with the best people in web design, social media and PPC.”

Notable partnerships include Climb Online, the fastest growing agency of 2015 in the UK, We Click Media for PPC, Deborah Cicurel for social media and other web design and hosting services from the likes of Gathered Pixels, Catalyst2, Rapidz and Vaccoda.


As the company continues to expand and offer a more personal approach to SEO than competitive agencies, feel free to contact us at Daniel@tudorlodgeconsultants.com or on 07792331915