A Guide To Ambient Media


Ambient Media refers to the marketing that is incorporated into your surroundings and is also known as Out of Home Advertising or OOH. Traditionally this has been billboards, posters and leaflets that you see on the streets, on buses, trains and stations. But more recently, there have been ways to include the marketing mix into the everyday consumer journey and this is exactly what one of our clients is doing at Tabletalk Media.

Tabletalk’s Managing Director, Lloyd Keisner explains:

A TV ad is no longer enough. Consumers expect to see brands across a diverse array of media, whether it’s online, at home, or out and about. Consumers no longer go looking for brands, they expect brands to be wherever they are. It’s literally a case of out of sight out of mind. And with so many brands competing, it can be incredibly difficult to stand out and genuinely grab the right kind of attention without doing things a little differently.

So how do Tabletalk do this? In a very innovative way, Tabletalk have a range of products including coffee cups, tabletops, beer mats, sandwich bags and deli bags. The creatives are made either by their own team or provided by the advertiser and then Tabletalk will be able to distribute the products into thousands of retailers in the UK including bars, restaurants and pharmacies. Depending on the advert used, the advertiser is able to see the benefits by increased brand awareness or via a specific call-to-action or offer that they place on the product. This includes “15% off using this code” or the very specific courses that they advertised from The London Business School. See some examples below and to make an enquiry, you can email: TALK@TABLETALKMEDIA.CO.UK